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Software Development Services

Applications which are intuitive, easy to use and allow users to access across all platforms. Thats what the TriplePs development team do best

Our Development team have assisted our clients with innovation enabling their business users to function safely and securely.

Applications which have been developed and are available include:

  • Simple Health And Safety application allowing clients to gather form based information from employees ensuring compliance with UK legal requirements. This Secure and Simple application was delivered within 14 days.
  • Secure applications accessible via secure and non secure network, with the aim of reducing double entry keying of data on mutiple systems/computers.
  • Apple IOS and Android club based application allowing intuitive access to information and support management of sports clubs.
  • Deployment portals allowing the management of complex projects and the delivery of equipment/services across the United Kingdom.

TriplePs are generally able to mobilise the service within 2 weeks. We deliver, enabling you to deliver, gaining quicker financial benefits from the solution.

The TriplePs development approach includes:

  • Modular access portal with standard security access features
  • Development industry best practice
  • Annual health check

The Development Vision

Our Development vision is quite simple - to take aspirations and turn into reality, simply, in a timely manner and at a cost which is affordable.

We aim to keep the business user at the heart of the development cycle.This ensures that what is produced is both usable and fit for purpose.

Ensure the application is up to date with the business user and process. Within the industry a common problem is to forget the client after delivery resulting in applications which are not fit for purpose within a 2 to 5 year product lifestyle.

Why not contact us info@TriplePsLtd.Com or call +44 1226 449600 to ask for further details. 


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