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Tender And Mobilisation Services

The time taken from Tender, Procurement and Mobilisation can see resources stretched as staff and departments come under additional pressure, working to deliver against key deadlines.

It’s a critical period. Without adequate and appropriately skilled personnel in place, there is the potential for slippage – as well as the very real danger of a project affecting ongoing work. With TriplePs supporting you through the process however, you can be certain your project will be delivered on time, without impacting negatively on other areas of your business. Working alongside you, and all of the partners involved in delivering the tender, we will take responsibility for facilitating a smooth and trouble-free procurement and mobilisation.

Our expertise has applications in a wide range of areas, but we have specific experience in the Transformation and Rehabilitation sectors, where our services have been instrumental in helping to successfully deliver complex projects, while working to extremely tight deadlines.

By utilising our mobilisation services, you are assured of having the right resources, in the right place, at the right time.


Our partnership network is far reaching, and gives us access to a diverse range of specialist services which we can deploy swiftly to address any skill gaps as they arise. Our ability to respond quickly, deploying highly skilled personnel who are security cleared to the appropriate levels, can make the difference between success and failure.

Because you only engage us for a fixed period, as soon as the project has been mobilised successfuly, you can revert to your regular overheads. However, if you need continued support, we can provide this beyond the initial project delivery where required.

Due to the nature of our work, TriplePs has been successfully involved in many large government and private tender and mobilisation projects.

Why not contact us info@TriplePsLtd.Com or call +44 1226 449600 to ask for further details on the Tenders and Projects we have been involved in


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